Olga Sorina's lecture "How to control your motivation? A scientific view"

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On August 6, Olga Sorina, a prominent clinical psychologist, will give a lecture "How to control your motivation? A scientific view" at the New Holland island and creative space. 

What to do if you have no will to work, or do anything at all, left anymore? Motivation is a complex structure, and sometimes it seems that it's impossible to manage. In her lecture at New Holland, Olga Sorina will talk about ways to cope when working gets more difficult, what can be the reasons behind the drop in motivation, and why some motivation boosters work for some people and lead to a further deterioration in others. The expert will cover these questions through the prism of the cognitive behavioral approach in psychotherapy. 

Olga Sorina is a clinical psychologist, founder and head of the volunteer psychological service "Vdokh", former manager of the St. Petersburg Death Cafe. 

Admission is free of charge, but the number of places is limited. To attend, please submit your registration here. The lecture will be held in Russian.

The lecture is held as part of ITMO University's Open Lecture Hall initiative, which is coordinated by Dmitry Malkov, head of ITMO's Science Communication Center. 

The main goal of the Open Lecture Hall initiative is to provide a comprehensive and exciting overview of the latest advancements in science and technology through the lens of the current social, political and economic climate. How can computer technologies forecast the spreading of epidemics, why do economists scan the human brain, and why most people don’t care about climate change — these and other questions will be discussed by leading researchers, experts and science communicators.


Everyone is invited to attend.


New Holland
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