ITMO Yagodnoe camping gathering

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On September 20-22, the Yagodnoe sports and recreation center will host the ITMO camping gathering event, which this year will be dedicated to the university's 120th anniversary. 

The big 120 milestone will be the recurring theme throughout the entire event: included will be 120-meter fishing net, 120-mile kayak sprint, 120-meter raft race, 120-meter contest, 120 participants of a sports race, 120 songs by the campfire, and much more. 

ITMO University's camping gathering is a tradition that brings generations together. Everyone is invited: students, graduates, their families and friends. ITMO alums can step in as organizers and volunteers, hold workshops and share their experience with students.

Have you packed your backpack yet? If not, consider this a sign! 

In the program:

- games

- workshops

- sports competitions

- night orienteering

- rock climbing

- kayaking

- and lots of fun surprises!

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Everyone who is willing to participate and has registered in advance is very welcome.


Kronbars student sports club


Margarita Cherkasova


phone: +7 (911) 091-21-57