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On September 18-20, 2019, the charity initiative "ITMO University Donor Day. 120 liters of blood." will be held at ITMO University. 

In honor of its 120th anniversary, ITMO University invites everyone to contribute to the blood donation initiative. Every student, staff member and graduate willing can participate and become part of the common effort. There will be an online counter allowing everyone to share a story about their contribution, and keep track of the blood donated. 

Please note that you will need to bring a passport and a certificate from an infectiologist (if you live in a dormitory), and please take heed of the contraindications for blood donation (in Russian).

All the addresses of the blood donation centers, their working hours and necessary documents will be added later.

Registration link will be added closer to the date of the event. 


Everyone who is willing to participate and have registered in advance are very welcome.




Alyona Stepanishcheva


phone: +7 (911) 959-90-98