Introduction Days for Master's students

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On September 2-3, ITMO University will host Introduction Days for first-year Master's students. 

You will be able to learn all about the education process, your career prospects, and the many research and academic opportunities the university offers to its Master's students:

  • what are universitywide modules and how to choose the one that would suit you the most;
  • how to participate in an internship or exchange semester abroad;
  • how to obtain funding for your research or join the staff of one of ITMO's international laboratories;
  • who can help you write an English-language paper for submitting it to a top science journal;
  • how to land an internship at one of ITMO's partner companies and potentially find employment there;
  • what financial support is available for talented students.

The event's program also includes pitch sessions by ITMO's leading scientists, at which they will introduce you to their scientific focuses, the work conducted by laboratories and faculties, promising and topical research, and how you could join them as colleagues. Each participant will get a guidebook to youth science to get them started.

Introduction Days will take place on September 2-3 from 5 to 7pm at ITMO University's Lomonosova St. 9 and Kronverksky Pr. 49 campuses.


First-year Master's students are welcome to attend.


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