Online Marathon "Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies Master's Studies 13+"

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The open day of Master's programs at ITMO University's Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies will be held in a new format – online marathon "Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies Master's Studies 13+" – starting from midday on July 3.  

This will be the first in the series of events during which the representatives of the faculty's Master's programs will talk about entrance examinations, education process and research activities, as well as answer any questions prospective students might have. 

Join the July 3 broadcast if you'd like to find out why the new format was needed and what's behind the mysterious "13+" in its name, as well as learn everything about the faculty's key Master's program Intelligent Technologies in Telecommunications

Among the speakers will be:

  • Anna Arsenieva, deputy dean for academic affairs at the Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies;
  • Oleg Basov, head of the Intelligent Technologies in Telecommunications Master's program. 

The event will be broadcasted in the VK community for ITMO University's Master's studies.


Everyone is very welcome to participate.


ITMO University's Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies