Access Modes Exhibition of Graduates of ITMO’s Master’s Program in Art & Science

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We invite you to Access Modes, the first exhibition of graduates of ITMO’s Master’s program in Art & Science that will take place on September 19 – October 11, 2020. The exhibition will take place at ITMO’s new AIR (Art.ITMO.Residency) space.

Access modes is a term used by philosopher Timothy Morton to describe the ways we interact with objects. Objects here are used in their phenomenological sense – it is anything, any subject or phenomenon together with their connections.

Access modes include cutting, consuming, thinking, ignoring, photographing, hitting with a hammer, drawing, storytelling, studying with a microscope, splitting to pieces, accelerating in a collider, describing in scientific terms, collecting statistical data and any other forms of interaction. In day-to-day life people strive to “tame” the objects and neutralize them, they notice them only when they break or behave abnormally…

Artists taking part in the exhibition created their pieces attempting to find a balance between art and science. Each of them got through to their object by using their own unique set of access modes and using their connections to these objects. The exhibition is curated by Artur Konstantinov.


Everyone is welcome to visit


ITMO University’s Art & Science Center