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ITMO University invites Bachelor’s students to take part in Minor, a program organized by the Art & Science Center.

The Minor in Art & Science program includes optional courses, during which students will get acquainted with the field of scientific and technological art and have the chance to create their own projects at the intersection of science, art, and technology.

The course will last two semesters (spring and fall semesters 2021) and consists of:

  • Seminars on contemporary art;
  • Seminars on science and technology in art;
  • Seminars on posthumanism;
  • Workshops on interactive design, virtual reality, sound, artificial intelligence and biotechnology in art, and prototyping of art projects;
  • Team or individual work on a project.

The benefits of the program:

  • 15 extra points for potential students of the Art & Science Master’s programs;
  • Completed courses will be included in the diploma;
  • A certificate from ITMO’s Art & Science Center;
  • The ability to create your own art project and include it in your portfolio when applying for a Master's program.
Sign up for the courses before January 22, 2021, by filling out this form. The number of participants is limited. For more information about the program and its speakers, please check the presentation below.


ITMO Bachelor’s students in their second-to-fourth year of studies interested in studying science art


ITMO University’s Art & Science Center



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