International Conference on Communication Engineering and Computer Networks-2021 (ICCECN-2021)

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The International Conference on Communication Engineering and Computer Networks-2021 (ICCECN-2021) will take place online on November 1-2, 2021.

ICCECN-2021 is an international platform aiming to establish communication regarding the latest aspects of the development of technologies, applications, and services within the interdisciplinary fields of communication engineering, computer networking, IT, electrical and electronics engineering, communication technologies, etc.

The conference is organized by ITMO University (Faculty of Software Engineering and Computer Systems) in collaboration with experts from India, Brazil, and other countries.  

The experts will select and review papers and prepare them for publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Students are welcome to present their papers in the fields of IT, computer engineering, computational networks, and others.

ICCECN-2021 aims to:

    • build a creative environment for the promotion of collaboration and knowledge transfer.

      • develop practical solutions for the creation of widespread technologies valuable for society, thereby enhancing the reputation of research in electronics, electrical and computer science, communication, and IT.

        • provide the opportunity for researchers to exchange their scientific experience related to the latest technologies to be used extensively in future research.

          • propose methods that could help explore a unique interdisciplinary approach to electronics, electrical and computer science, networking, and communication engineering-related challenges that are high risk but have the potential to have significant effects on the development of science and tech.

          Key dates:

          September 20, 2021 – Draft manuscript submission deadline

          October 10, 2021 – Call for papers 

          October 20, 2021Application deadline 

          The conference will run online.

          Learn more and register for the conference at its official website.


          Students are welcome to participate


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