Optomycelium Exhibition at Art.ITMO.Residency

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The science art exhibition Optomycelium will be held at AIR (Art.ITMO.Residency) on December 16-February 13 . Established and up-and-coming artists will present their projects, some of which were created in collaboration with scientists from ITMO University.

At Optomycelium, you’ll get a chance to visit a forest of extinct plants, hear the light of stars, smell the future, and communicate with other species.

The exhibition’s name alludes to ITMO University’s own ecosystem, which, like a mycelium, branches out into faculties and departments where students, scientists, and artists can collaborate and create interdisciplinary projects. The results of their co-creation and artistic research will be on display at AIR.

Internationally renowned artists (visiting lecturers of ITMO’s Art & Science Master’s program), students, and graduates of the program will take part.

Art mediation tours will be conducted at the exhibition. Register here.

Entry is free of charge. A QR-code indicating that you’ve been vaccinated or recently recovered from COVID-19 is required.


Everyone’s welcome to attend.


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