Master's Open Day: Sustainable Urban Development

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On April 10, at 1 pm, Irina Shmeleva, the head of the international track and the Laboratory of Sustainable Urban Development, as well as an associate professor at ITMO University, will go live to talk all about the international track of the Digital Urban Studies Master’s program: its features, key professors, and graduates’ career paths. 

Among other speakers at the online open day are: 

  • Artem Pavlovsky, DSc, the head of the Climate Change Department of the State Research and Design Center of St. Petersburg Master Plan, will speak about the program’s course on cities and climate change;

  • Olga Maksimova, PhD, will elaborate on blue-green infrastructure and sustainable urban design;

  • Daria Tabachnikova, the former adviser to the Governor of St. Petersburg on biking infrastructure, will give an overview of the course on sustainable urban mobility.

You can learn more about the program here and register for the event via this link.


Prospective Master’s students from around the world


ITMO University


Oksana Soldatova, the program’s coordinator, ITMO’s Institute of Design & Urban Studies