ITMO Open Education 2023

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On May 19, university and school teachers, students, specialists from Yandex, and EdTech experts will come together at ITMO Open Education 2023 to challenge stereotypes about education for the third time. 

  • How can an expert balance between hard and soft skills?

  • Is education integral to success? 

  • How do you motivate school students to study science? 

  • What makes IT an applied skill? 

  • Why do educators need a media presence?

  • How can teachers help students develop their product thinking? 

Come to ITMO Open Education 2023 to learn the answers to these and other pressing questions. You can learn more about the event’s formats and register here (in Russian).


Everyone is welcome to join


ITMO University and Yandex


The program committee:

Daria Zhukova,

The organizing committee:

Darya Dubik,