Open seminar: Quantum Complexity for Quantum Technologies

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On January 24, Aleksey Fedorov, PhD, a professor, the leader of the quantum information technology research team, and the head of NUST MISiS's Institute of Physics and Quantum Engineering, will deliver an open seminar on quantum complexity for quantum technologies. 

Quantum computing is used to perform tasks that are exponentially more complex for current computer hardware and methods: for example, modeling complex quantum systems of diverse substances, especially in quantum chemistry. However, using quantum computers comes with some obstacles, including the constraints of contemporary quantum devices and the performance of algorithmic techniques.

In this seminar, Aleksey Fedorov will discuss recent breakthroughs in quantum algorithms for NISQ (noisy intermediate-scale quantum) era devices, including their characteristics and applications, as well as present the results of calculations using qudits with trapped ions and other physical platforms.

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A link to the seminar’s live stream will be emailed on January 23.


The event is open to students and researchers.


ITMO’s Faculty of Physics