University ITMO received the status of authorized certification center of the firm Autodesk.

Firm Autodesk is a world leader in software development for design automation in industries such as engineering, construction and architecture, GIS technology, as well as solutions for 3D-design and virtual reality.

In the field of CAD Autodesk products occupy about 60% of the world market in the field of animation and 3D modeling for more than 90%.

Receiving of professional certificate Autodesk will allow Russian experts to confirm their qualifications, will enable work on international projects at the highest level, become more valuable and demanded employees in their industry. Holders of the certificate will be entered in the international database of certified Autodesk professionals, which is available to companies all over the world and used for recruitment. In turn, companies whose employees have received an international certificate will be able to lead more complex projects due to the high training, increase sales, find new promising customers. A In a lot of international design companies it is mandatory for employees to have this certificate.

For students the certificate is an additional advantage in finding a job.

For certification exam you should purchase a voucher for the right to examination and pass the exam on-line. It is  available to have completed training in authorized training center of Autodesk ATC — NRU ITMO.

Currently some authorized training programs are held in the of Autodesk ATC — University ITMO:

  • Computer-aided design in AutoCAD 2013/2014. Basic Course;
  • Computer-aided design in AutoCAD 2013/2014 Advanced Course;
  • Working with external data in AutoCAD 2013/2014;
  • Three-dimensional modeling and design in AutoCAD 2013/2014;
  • Standardization and joint work on the project in AutoCAD2013/2014;
  • AutoCADArchitectural2013/2014. Basic course;
  • Three-dimensional modeling and design Inventor2013/2014;
  • Computer-aided design AutodeskRevit2013/2014;
  • Computer-aided design AutoCADCivil 3d 2013/2014.

We invite teachers, staff and students to be certified and receive an international certificate!

Autodesk-ITMO functions at the department of computer engineering and design of Academy LIMTU at 12 Gastello St.

Contacts: +7 (812) 373-32-68


More information about participation in the programs can be found here.

Guide to prepare for the certification exam can be found here.

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