Meeting on the rebranding of ITMO University

March, 28, 2014 the meeting, devoted to the rebranding of the ITMO University, was held in the Internet center of the ITMO University.

The meeting was presented with all options of the corporate style. They were suggested by the students of the ITMO University, as well as commercial companies in January-February 2014.

During the meeting, everyone could express their views on all offered variants of rebranding and offer a varianta new corporate identity.

Receiving proposals from students and teachers will continue until April, 10, 2014.

After receiving all the presentations from students, faculty and staff, a special commission will reconsider the proposed options for a new corporate identity (including previous versions, selected through an open competition) until the April, 20.This Commission will take the final decision on rebranding University, approving one option.

The list of the Commission was voiced at the meeting on March, 28.

The meeting could be attended only by students, staff and faculty of the ITMO University.

Contact person:

Anna Veklich,

Rector's assistant on public relations

Tel.: +7 960 27 298 06

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