May 21, 2014 in Samara the experts of ITMO University participated in a series of events dedicated to the implementation of the program "EURECA" in the region. The program of the U.S. Russia Foundation for Economic Advancement and the Rule of Law (USRF), aimed at supporting the development of innovative projects and entrepreneurial potential, is being implemented by a consortium of universities of Russia and the United States, led by the ITMO University.

In the events in the Samara Korolev State Aerospace University (SSAU) the representatives of the USRF, the ITMO University, the Samara region government, regional universities and the Samara centre for regional innovation took part.

At a meeting with university leaders, Dmitry Gorbunov, the deputy minister of economic development, investments and trade of Samara region, said that regional authorities see wide opportunities for the participating universities in the development of the innovation ecosystem area. Implementation of the "Eureka"will help us in finding the best possible mechanisms for managing new processes", Dmitry Gorbunov said.

Eugene Shakhmatov, the rector of the SSAU shared his vision of how universities in the region can join the efforts to enhance the global competitiveness and strengthen their positions in the international level. In his opinion, the most effective way of interaction is the establishment of joint research and education centers. As a vivid example of such cooperation the rector of the Samara State Aerospace University cited the project of Samara Technopolis.  The regional authorities, universities, innovative companies and other organizations in the region participated in a joint effort in this project.

By the results of the reporting presentations of ITMO University and Regional innovation center, which implements the program "EURECA" in the Samara region, the current results were endorsed and new plans to implementation of the program in the region were approved. The plan of realization of the complex project of creating a system of commercialization of the results of the intellectual activity, including the formation of regional startup accelerator, was among them. The full support of the program "EURECA" in the Samara region in 2014-2016 was also discussed.

For the ITMO University it is not the first time of collaboration with the regions in the sphere of development innovation activity and implementation of the "EURECA" program. Currently the joint projects with Buryatia and Mordovia are being successfully implemented; the cooperation with a number of subjects of the Russian Federation is being negotiated.


"The development of research and entrepreneurial potential of Russian universities" is a project to create a network of startup accelerators in regions of the Russian Federation within the framework of the program “EURECA” (Enhancing University Research and Entrepreneurial Capacity), implemented by a consortium of universities of Russia and the United States, led by the ITMO University in partnership with a number of regional organizations, governments, universities and institutes of development. In the Samara region the program "EURECA" is realized by the "Regional Center of Innovation".

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