ITMO University goes global! ITMO University is entering a new international level. Today, in the capital of Belgium a new agency of the university was opened. 

The new venue of the university is open in the heart of Brussels, close to the European Parliament and the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation. Stephen Hagen, the vice-rector of the ITMO University Change Management, will be the head of the university international office.

First of all, the office is created for scientists and researchers all over the world in order to organize an effective international collaboration and active scientific cooperation. Moreover, the new location will allow the university to spread information about itself in English among foreign audiences more actively, attracting new partners and students. Furthermore, the new branch, according to Stephen Hagen, will open up additional opportunities for staff and students of the ITMO University, including the active involvement of foreign colleagues for joint research and educational projects.

This event is important not only for the ITMO University, but also for the whole Russian higher education: the interests of higher education in Russia on the world stage now will be presented by another successful university.

“ITMO goes global!” Daria Kozlova, the director of the Institute for International Development and Partnership at the ITMO University, says. “New office in Europe is first of all a platform for the work of our scientists. Many projects developing today at the university are directly connected to the European Union. It is therefore logical that the ITMO University has become closer to Europe also geographically!"

Even today, the ITMO University organizes collaboration with more than 180 foreign universities, within which 49 international research laboratories function under the joint leadership of the Russian and foreign scientists. By the opening of the European representative the ITMO University confirms the title of one of the most advanced universities in the country.