The press conference was attended by Sergey Stafeev, the curator of the International Year of Light in St. Petersburg, the dean of the ITMO University Natural Sciences Faculty, Daria Kozlova, the executive secretary of the International Year of Light Municipal Committee, the director of the ITMO University Institute for International Development and Partnership, and professor Charles M. Falco, well-known experimental physicist from the University of Arizona.
The speakers talked about the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies opening ceremony, presented a large plan of urban activities organized by ITMO University (for a total program consists of 64 diverse events), have mentioned the history of the UNESCO initiative and the science global promotion issue.
"Our university had the opportunity to take the lead in organizing and supporting the International Year of Light activities in Russia and St. Petersburg. The goal of this year is to popularize scientific achievements: we have to explain the prevalence of the light using today, and the results it allows to achieve," Sergey Stafeev said.