Everyone was able to participate in this contest. Organizers received about 90 applications, 50 of which were selected for the exhibition.
"The exhibition will run until April 19, and then move to the ITMO University which is the coordinator of the Year of Light in St. Petersburg and the initiator of this event," says Eugene Raskin, the head of the ITMO University Department for Work with Students.
The authors of the best posters will be awarded by special prizes. It is easy to choose the most favorite poster - just attach a “like” sticker next to it. Three posters, which collect the greatest number of positive responses, will be the winners of the project.
"I am an artist and always work with light. For us, it plays an important role: reveals the shape and color,” said Alexander Ustinov, one of the guests of the exhibition. “While making a portrait it is useful to put spotlights to observe the volume. Color filters could be put on the lamps thus boosting the color effect. Even the old masters used special lenses to paint miniatures."
The UN General Assembly established 2015 as the International Year of Light. The idea of the project is to draw the world's attention to research in the field of photonics and optical technologies, energy efficiency issues, to emphasize their importance for all mankind. Hardly a scientific sphere can do without light: it is present in medicine, education, energy sciences.
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