"Two years ago we already visited the Jilin University. I liked the university, its infrastructure and the organization of educational process. We have met and interacted at forums and conferences, and I'm sure we have all the prerequisites for the transition to a new level of our relationship," Vladimir Vasilyev says, the rector of ITMO University.
Both universities are the members of the SCO University and the leaders in the field of information technologies. Li Yuanyuan, the rector of the Jilin University, sees many similarities between the two educational institutions.
"In addition to the IT-technologies, we want to cooperate with ITMO University in other areas as well. We, like your university, develop such fields as optics, medicine, ecology, economy. The spectrum of our cooperation can and should be as wide as possible: so that we'll strengthen not only the scientific and educational relations but also the intergovernmental one as well," Li says.
The guests from the Jilin University proposed several options for cooperation, including double degree programs and the organization of summer schools in China for Russian students. The latter, Li Yuanyuan stressed, is important for the cross-cultural communication development. He believes that the joint learning, the familiarity with Chinese traditions and the life in the country will improve the communication between students. Rector also spoke about the Russian centers in the Jilin University where Chinese students are taught Russian language.
"Our students don't have enough native Russian speakers who specialize in the technical areas. We will be glad to see the teachers from ITMO University as lecturers in these centers," the rector says.
The Jilin University is interested in joint promotion of innovations to the market. As in ITMO University there is a Technopark in Chinese university, and in 2015, according to the Li Yuanyuan, there will be an innovations competition Inter+, with prize money of 17 million rubles. The pilot project launched exclusively for the Chinese students, however, next year the competition organizers want to go on the international level and will be glad to see the representatives of ITMO University among the participants.
"We gratefully accept suggestions which were made at the meeting. After signing the contract, the ITMO University Center for Asian Cooperation will start implementing the plan," Vladimir Vasilyev says, the rector of ITMO University.