This year we opened the first international ITMO University Office in the very heart of Europe – the city of Brussels. The importance of this event can hardly be overrated. Due to it`s convenient location It will serve as the base for collaboration with our colleagues from all over the world and will boost the process of internationalization of our university.

UN announced the year 2014 to be “The year of light” and ITMO University is very proud of the fact that it acts as the coordinator of all scientific and educational “Year of Light” events in Saint Petersburg. Georgy Poltavchenco – the governor of the city – began the official opening ceremony organized by our university.

Since 2013 ITMO University participates in 5-100 Russian Academic Excellence Project and in 2014 the university was for the first time in its history listed by QS BRICS alongside with other Eastern European, Asian and international subject rankings. It proved the ITMO University concept of globalization and internationalization to be correct.

«2014 is the year of changes for ITMO University. These changes affected various aspects of the activities of the University, - the head of the 5-100 Project Office Marianna Chistyakova comments. – Our perception of the target model of ITMO University altered, we’ve improved the ways we address the key issues and configure business processes. Having set foot on the path of internationalization, ITMO University began building its global educational brand, investing into the academic reputation and international research. We’ve become a magnet for talent: in 2014 ITMO University had the highest number of Master’s students’ enrollment of all Russian universities; 42% of these students are graduates of other universities, having chosen to continue their studies at ITMO. The number of foreign staff and faculty increased twofold if compared with the year 2013. The international student body grew more than twice in number. Several administrative departments of the University were re-organized and the new educational departments, research centers and labs were opened.

This past year was also marked by the absolute victory of Gennady Korotkevich, student of the Department of Information Technologies and Programming, in all the major international programming competitions: Google Code Jam, Facebook Hacker Cup, Yandex and Russian Code Cup. ITMO University is famous for training IT-professionals of the highest class. The proof of this is the sixth victory for ITMO University team in the 2015 ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest.

The year 2014 is special because of the growing number of international and double-degree programs and multi-disciplinary research in the areas of photonics, optics, medicine, urban studies, Art & Science, food production technologies and generally higher quality of international research process.  Comfortable English language environment was created together with opening of Foreign Language Training Center.

Internal reforms were reflected in the change of the university`s branding. In September 2014 ITMO University changed its corporate identity. New logo and «IT’s MOre than a University» slogan appeared.

«Students are actively involved in the process of the development of our university, generation of new ideas – says Marianna Chistyakova.  - This is how the FabLab, which successfully operates now, was started in 2014. In 2014, Student Government was reorganized into Student Council expanding its structure, goals and opportunities. ITMO University students won a significant number of contests and competitions; served as volunteers at 2014 Sochi Olympic Games, implemented social projects and won governmental grants. You can learn about these and other important events in 2014 Annual Report that we are happy to present to our colleagues, friends, partners and to everyone who is interested in Russian higher education”.

You can read both in Russian and English versions of the Annual Report on our web-site.

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