Anna Voznesenskaya and Tatiana Ivanova presented five poster reports and a paper on Optical Design Double Degree Master’s Program which is carried out together with Warsaw University of Technology. They also discussed  with other participants the All-Russian Student Optical Engineering Contest, the Student Scientific Laboratory of Optical Engineering, details of cooperation of the Chair of Applied and Computer Optics with manufacturing enterprises, Master`s final exem and other topics.

“Our colleagues were interested in our paper on Optical Design Double Degree Master’s Program. They mentioned that organizing and administrative affairs are very complicated because students from different countries have different basic knowledge, they are used to different teaching ways. It is necessary to monitor such programs constantly. We always add new subjects and correct the study program. It gives us an opportunity to improve the quality of teaching,” Anna Voznesenskaya mentioned.

The participants also discussed problem-oriented and practical-oriented teaching as well as popularization of science through making it interesting for pupils.

“Our colleagues from Canada, Italy, Spain, Belgium, the USA and the countries of Latin America told how they interest pupils in optics. Our chair does the same. We develop Student Scientific Laboratory more than a year. We suppose that this lab will be the key organization in the popularization process”.

Now the Student Scientific Laboratory of Optical Engineering gives classes for secondary school student. One of the largest projects is constructing of portable set for laboratory work and experiments. It can be used for optics trainings in different cities of Russia.

One more important trend in popularization of optics is online learning which is discussed at the state level.

“ITMO University has the great online courses experience. For example, now the Chair of Applied and Computer Optics develops online-courses on geometrical optics and optical computing for Russian students”.

Foreign participants took an interest in the All-Russian Student Optical Engineering Contest, which is held under the auspices of ITMO University for 10 years.

“Our colleagues suppose that this Contest is very important for optics development. They want students from different countries to participate in it. It is a great opportunity to turn the Contest into international event, ” Anna Voznesenskaya said.

“We Came back from France with many ideas for the next conference. We also were offered to set up double-degree programs, summer schools and so on. ETOP 2015 has already finished and we have a lot of projects to work at,” Tatiana Ivanova noted.  


Ulyana Malysheva

News portal editorial office

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