Why did you decide to participate in the Fellowship Program?

The conditions of working at ITMO University seemed very attractive. I have creative freedom. Moreover, St. Petersburg is a wonderful place for living and working. The scientific issues of my research are supported by ITMO University. So nothing restrains my research. I am a theorition in the field of non-linear optics. The calculation of dynamic persistent nonlinear mode in monomeric Bose-Einstein condensates is one of the up to date research problems, which I work on at ITMO University.  

What should be done to attract a foreign researcher to university?

ITMO University does it well because a lot of authoritative scientists want to participate in ITMO University Fellowship Program. It offers interesting projects, respectable salary and comfortable work environment. That is why more and more foreign scientists want to work in Russia.

What can you advice Russian universities to make their research world-class?

On the one hand, it is necessary to adopt foreign academic experience. On the other hand administration process of western universities is not perfect. Don`t reply their errors.

In my opinion not only leading researchers should work on priority projects. Russian academic community should involve those researchers who have nointernational recognition. The question is: what standards have to be used to make a right choice? I think that it is essential to take into account a number of academic papers and their citedness, a variety of academic interests and mobility. A scientist have to be ready to work abroad in order to adopt new experience. A research progress rate is also very important.

What do you think about the chances of ITMO University to achieve leading positions in the world research and education elite?

I think that this aim is attainable. Russia is full of talented people. According to Russian academic traditions natural and engineering sciences are very popular. In Russia I met a lot of people who want to develop science and invent something new. Unlike American or Australian school-leavers not everyone in Russia are going to be managers or lawyers.

In the framework of the Fellowship Program I am going to work for 5 years. The first year is over. So a lot of new information about ITMO University is in prospect. However I recommend my German colleagues to participate in this program.  


Ulyana Malysheva

News portal editorial office

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