Dwellers of rural settlements, who have no household gas usually face the dilemma: to pay for connection to the gas pipe or to use other ways of heat supply. Vasily Krylov and Dmitry Lobanov, PhD students of the Department of Cryogenic Techniques and Air Conditioning, and also Andrey Nikitin, associate professors of the Chair of Air Conditioning, compared efficiency of different heating and waterworks systems such as geothermal heat pump and water-air heat pump.

These systems work like a refrigerator in reverse.  A heat-storage medium takes heat from earth, water or the atmosphere. Then the special devices transfer energy to a house heating system. Nowadays alternative sources of energy are not popular because of the high cost of the equipment. ITMO University researchersare working on a method to help to reduce the equipment costs.

“At this meeting we established some fruitful contacts that will be very useful for future international research projects. A lot of participants were interested in our report,” noted Vasily Krilov.

In the final remarks, the Organizing Committee of the Association proposed that ITMO University should host one of the next meetings entirely focused on the alternate energy sources.


Aleksander Pushkash

News portal editorial office

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