Please, tell us about the competition and the grant.

Within the Erasmus+ Program, the "Jean Monnet Activities" grant aims at promoting excellence in teaching and research in the field of European Union studies worldwide. This is an open program. We took part in it in order to improve the quality of Russian education and to bring it up to the standards of the Bologna Accord. Our project consists of three seminars that aim to boost the quality of teaching. There are a lot of accreditation lines. Our target is to understand what accreditations are the most appropriate for us. At these seminars all ITMO University departments that organize international programs in English have to choose an accreditation line. Then we are going to modify teaching methods and educational standard of these programs.

Why is it necessary for the university?

Accreditation is very important for an international program. Studying at ITMO University becomes more attractive for students from different countries because they are used to judge a program by its accreditation.

For students from what countries it is important?

In general Master students who focus on IT and business are from the European Union, especially from Germany, France and of course, Finland, which is our long-term partner.  

Who will participate in these seminars?

We invited all professors who were interested in international projects, both current and future participants. The first seminar will be held in October-November, the second in April of 2016 and the third in a year.

Why it is necessary to study methods of education quality management?

The European way of education quality control differs from Russian. European students have an opportunity to choose subjects forming a unique studying plan. In Russia on the contrary all classes are scheduled. However in spite of a complicated process we have an opportunity to organize individual programs. I hope that thanks to our seminars ITMO University will develop more international projects.

How will these seminars contribute to results of participation of ITMO University in the Project “5-100”?

This year ITMO University is the only participant of “5-100” that won this grant. It's very important for us to receive the support from a grant that will become key in the long run as everything comes down to the quality of education that we offer. It influences the University's precense in the international education marketplace, improves the satisfaction of students and the Univeresity's attractivness to the international audience. 


Polina Poleschuk

News portal editorial office

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