An official part of the Program was launched on July, 19. More than 90 young experts from Russia and CIS took part in distance master classes and lectures. In 2011 “Innovation and Commercialization” was included in an academic program of the MIT. It was also happened twice in the Nanyang Technological University.

To take part in this program candidates had to present innovative projects. Eugene Fitzgerald, founder of “Innovation Interface” company and Andreas Vankerl, founder of “Iterandis”, are the key experts who analyze startup projects. At the first day of this two-day session Mr. Fitzgerald presented his lecture for Master`s students of the Department of Technological Management and Innovations.

“If you thing that you can develop the best power station and do that, it doesn`t mean that your manufacturing is innovative because you don`t invent something new. Innovative activity is when you turn some beneficial project into reality and market it.  It is necessary for innovative business to provide employment opportunities and produce a product, which is valuable for society,” mentioned Mr. Fitzgerald.

Eugene Fitzgerald also said that a great number of resources, both natural and human are the main advantage of Russia.

Evgeny Kuznetsov, deputy director of the “Russian Venture Company”, noted that innovations consist not only of technological but also of social and economic constituents. Nowadays innovation development is one of the most important activities for Russia.

“In the past it was considered that innovation activity was something very interesting but it wasn`t connected with reality. Now it turned out that Russia has to reorganize its economic system. Such way of development is a large-scale innovative project,” said Mr.  Kuznetsov.

The first day of the session participants presented their projects to experts of MIT, “Russian Venture Company” and ITMO University. Those five startupers  who present the best project will be awarded with  an internship in Singapore.

Philip Kazin, Dean of the Department of Technological Management and Innovation, supposes that the two-day session is culmination of partnership program, which will continue till the end of November, 2015.

“Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the leaders of commercialization. This training aims to share unique skills and precious knowledge. A lot of participants are more than just students because they have their own business projects. So participants learn how to promote their products using international and their own experience,” said Mr. Kazin.

Aleksander Pushkash

News portal editorial office

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