Partnering with ITMO University German experts initiated a joint project together with  researchers of International Laboratory “Solution Chemistry of Advanced Materials and Technologies”. Vladimir Vinogradov, senior researcher of the Lab, and supervisor of the international exchange program, noted that Leipzig University organized one of the leading chemical synthesis labs in the world. It means that participation in this project is a great opportunity for Russian students to upgrade their skills.

“According to the terms of agreement Erasmus+ finances two five-month journeys to Germany for Russian Master`s students, two three-month journeys for PhD Students and a one-month journey for associate professor. The academic mobility program also includes return visits of German colleagues,” said Mr. Vinogradov.

This program was initiated by a research group headed by professor Evamarie Hey-Hawkins, researcher of Institute of Inorganic Chemistry of Leipzig University. According to Mr. Vinogradov duration of the program is about two years. ITMO University researchers are going to apply for Erasmus+ funding in 2016.

Nowadays Russian and German scientists research organometallic cage compounds like metal ion based materials and organic linkers. This material class was invented at the beginning of 21st century and became very popular because of its useful but underexplored properties. The applications of organometallic cages are multiple. They can be used as effective accelerants, gas filters, formulatory agents for drug delivery and so on.

One of the first results of collaboration program is three scientific articles written by ITMO University researchers together with German chemists. One of joint publications was placed on a cover of Chemical Communications journal last year.


Aleksander Pushkash

News portal editorial office

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