How did you know about “AngelHack Moscow”?

Ilya: When I read about it on a website it occurred me to take part in this contest. This project is the second joint hackathon. Previously Pavel and I took part in a hackathon contest organized by “First Line Software”.

Pavel: Back then we developed “Restomania”, an application for Android, which aimed to help both restaurants and their clients. Ilya initiated this project. He usually invents ideas. I deal with technical issues.

Ilya: Thanks to “Restomania” visitors can estimate a service level.

Pavel: Every time we take part in a hackathone we develop a new idea.


What idea was the best?

Ilya: The best one we presented at “AngelHack Moscow 2015”. Our project is called “CVPicker”, the main target of which is to simplify recruitment. It is also used in order to test candidates.


It turns out that an employer invents a test, which will be posted on your platform.

Ilya: Yes, you are right. It is also gives an opportunity to hasten job interviews.


Is your development unique?  

Ilya: Such systems really exist but the main peculiarity of our service is that an employer can control an applicant. An observation system will not give him an opportunity to present somebody else`s answers as his own.


How much time did you spend to develop “CVPicker”?

Pavel: This hackathone lasted 24 hours. We had only couple coffee breaks. 

Ilya: a hackathone is a non-stop competition. Surely one can spend some time for sleeping but in this case sleepless rivals will conquer. We competed with 50 teams and not all of them stood it.


Are you going to upgrade your project?

Ilya: We elaborate our system. There will be more functions in our application. I hope that it will be ready for selling in a month.


So you don`t need to attract investors.

Ilya: Now we have all the things needed.


Please, share your future plans. Do you like working together?

Ilya: We have been working for a year. So we are going to organize our own company.


Will you take part in startup accelerators?

Ilya: Yes, we are going to participate in an international accelerator. Having developed a prototype we will apply for a startup school “SumIT” in order to get new skills and opportunities.

Polina Poleschuk

News portal editorial office

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