“PICARD” was initiated by World Customs Organization in 2006. “PICARD-2015” happened in Baku (Azerbaijan) on September, 7-9. This year more than 250 international law and customs affairs experts and representatives of 21 large organizations from 53 countries took part in the conference. Among speakers there were three Nobel Prize winners: Eric Maskin, Harvard University Professor, Finn Kydland, University of California Professor, and Edward C. Prescott, Professor of Arizona State University. Professors presented their papers on global markets` influence on economic disparity, interaction of political area and innovations, and modern economic trends.

Participants also discussed such issues as smuggling, swindle, taxation methods and other international law topics. ITMO University students made their speeches at “III Youth Forum PICARD Conference”, on September, 9, where they served as organizers.

“The Youth Forum, organized by Institute of the International Business and Law together with World Customs Organization, is a unique opportunity for young specialists to present their research at international level. We started to prepare for this forum last spring when the organizing committee approved a youth session. To get more experience we organized a student research conference in May,” noted Valeria Tkhongla, student of the Chair of Customs and Logistics. “Among the most discussible topics there were customs regulations, appraisal of intellectual property, and drug control. This forum was one of the most important events of “PICARD-2015”.

Organizers appreciated students` contribution to conference activities. They also mentioned that Youth Forum will be included in basic program of “PICARD-2016.”

“World Customs Organization accepted our offer. Thus participants of “PICARD-2015” will serve as members of a special organizing committee of Youth Forum,” said Elena Bogdanova, dean of Institute of the International Business and Law of ITMO University. “Development of International Organizing committee means that “Youth Forum PICARD Conference” gets to a new level. We are proud of this fact.”

“PICARD-2016” will be held in Manila (the Philippines) next September.


Aleksander Pushkash

News portal editorial office

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