What were your goals at the “European Microwave Week”?

I aimed to represent ITMO University at the international leaders` seminar. I commented on OSC`s activities and some projects provided by Microwave Theory and Techniques.

We also discussed problems and disadvantages of chapters and sections. Participants shared some projects accomplished by their universities. We also participated in three-hour meeting with European and Asian colleagues and continued to discuss up-to-date topics at a dinner party.  Then we met with representatives of IEEE Region 8 (Europe and Asia), who promised us to develop ITMO University student organizations. I suppose that it is very important for students to understand that they study at the university, which is a key member of international community.

IEEE” has very developed professional communications system. Being involved in “IEEE” projects we will have an opportunity to take part in international research activities and attract promosong specialists from all over the world.

What was most impressive at the Week?

Despite the fact that I visited a lot of international conferences I have never visited such a large exhibition. The whole floor was occupied by more than 200 companies that presented their products and technological developments.

What were results of your negotiations?

We connected face to face with the International Directors Concil of IEEE MTTs. Furthermore this meeting was very useful for us because we are going to launch IX Conference of Young Researchers “Optics-2015” with the assistance of International Institute “Photonics and Optical Information Technology.” OSC will present a six-day school at this conference. We also enlisted financial support of the MTT community. We invited 30 international guests from Europe, Asia and the USA. Our projects are very large; more and more researchers contact OSC in order to join us.

Please, tell more about OSC School of Photonics and Optical Information.

It is international School included workshops and conferences. The official language of all events is English. A lot of leading opticians are going to take part in the School.

Who will make presentations?

For instance, Mikhail Blagoskloniy, professor of Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Doctor Aleksey Popov, who works at University of Oulu and many others. Gregory Kvarles, president of American Optical Society “OSA” will be also a honorary guest.

Our team is very skilled and strong. That is why ITMO University Optical Students Chapter provides a lot of large international events and meetings. During the whole year we have been developing a program of the conference. We submitted applications for grants and international optical programs. Welcome to ITMO University in October!


Polina Poleschuk

News portal editorial office

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