The agenda of the conference includes such topics as translational and cross-disciplinary approaches to treatments of different diseases, innovative diagnostics ways, new materials and their applications. According to Evgeniy Shlyahto, head of Almazov North-West Research Center, at this conference researchers present papers on cardio and neuroprotection, neuroscience and neurosurgery as well as other fields. Specialists also discussed activities of a new educational and research cluster “Translational Medicine,” which fused together joint efforts of Almazov Center and leading St. Petersburg universities.

“This conference aims to implement theoretical knowledge into clinical practice. Thus such fields as genetics, molecular biology, data processing systems, pharmacology, biopharmaceutics and other fields are very important. We try to make new drugs and medications accessible for physicians as fast as it possible,” said Mr. Shlyahto

According to Vladimir Nikiforov, Vice Rector for Research, universities have assist to throw open scientific achievements to medical practice because high technologies are integral part of modern medicine.

“There are a lot of universities focusing on optics, computer technologies or IT. Thus ITMO University is unique because it unites all these competences. We develop digital optical systems for telehealth, tomography systems, as well as research how to use spectral range in diagnostics and treatment,” noted Mr. Nikiforov.

The program of the conference also includes an exhibition. ITMO University representatives shared an interactive stand presenting achievements of Institute of Translational Medicine. For example, a visualization system, which shows how an ambulance car plans its way taking into account patient`s state health and traffic.

Apart from ITMO University  several leading St. Petersburg universities and centers such as Piter the Great Polytechnic University, Federal Almazov North-West Research Center and others take part in the Cluster.

A coordinative council of “Translational Medicine” cluster includes Vladimir Vasilyev, ITMO University Rector, Professor Alexandra Konradi, head of Institute of Translational Medicine and Alexander Boukhanovsky, director of the Institute of High Tech Computer Technologies. 

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