Preparatory Online Course

The main novelty of ITMO Future Technologies`s program is an online course for young startupers.

“To help our students to focus on their projects during a Future Technologies session we decided to give them fundamental knowledge before this. The course aims to deep into details of a project making and help participants to form teams,” said Mr. Myaskov.

The program of the course also includes distance communication with experts who will explain key elements of a project and other important things, for example, how to present one`s ideas. It also contains “self-teaching:” participants will be given links with useful business literature.

“It will last one month. The main target of the online course is to make all projects equal. It may be student startup or ITMO University lab`s development, which should be commercialized.

At the end of this course experts will choose the best ten projects and make them Future Technologies` participants.


It is not a problem if you don`t have your own idea and team.

If you want to join a startup team but you have no an idea fill a special application form. Here you should write a desired position like manager, designer or developer.

“To develop a startup one should be self-motivated and interested in a project. It is not so bad if one doesn`t know something because one works in team. Thus it is very important to unite with specialists on different fields.”

ITMO Future Technologies gives a wonderful opportunity to develop projects together with students from other universities. The only requirement is that at least one of applicants has to be ITMO University student.


Everyone has a chance

According to Mr. Myaskov, experts choose the most promising projects. So age of participants is not important for them. They also don`t analyze whether you have a pilot project or only an idea. Experts appreciate entrepreneurial experience but a wonderful idea is more valuable.


A personal mentor

This year organizers decided to focus on skilled trainers. Each team will get an opportunity to consult with experts who have a competent knowledge of a field connected with a startup project.

The accelerator program is also prolonged. This session will last 18 weeks.


We are ready to help you

To submit an application click here.  You can also contact with Andrei Myaskov and other organizers so as to learn more. 

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