About research

At ITMO University my Russian colleagues and I develop computer models of human’s heart work and blood flow. The research will help heart health experts analyze internal processes, make diagnoses and prescribe treatment.  Instead of 3D models I use diagrams to represent analyzed data. I work on this project in alliance with researchers from University of Amsterdam. We are the first who provide this kind of analysis.

Baghdad VS St. Petersburg

Iraq’s educational system differs from Russian. In my country Master’s students study theoretical disciplines during the first year and spent the second year to apply their knowledge into practice. At ITMO University I got an opportunity to choose the topic since the very beginning and right after that started to work in research labs.  I have never met such effective system before. Russian professors are severe – they create a special approach to studying. All students have to answer any question posed by lecturers. It makes us hardworking and motivate to learn more.

About English language and student community  

I also love to study here because I can follow the program taught in English. It was a crucial point for me because English is a language of international science. Furthermore some of my friends had lived here for some time when I came to St. Petersburg. They helped me to adjust to new conditions. My classmates also helped me – and now we are like a family. There is no difference between Russian and international students – all of us have to meet the same requirements. Russian educational programs are effective and students here pay less than those who study in Europe.  

How to live in Russia

It was difficult to get used to living here. I first came to Voronezh, where I had a Russian language course. Almost nobody spoke English there. So I had to use Google translate app when tried to buy something in a store. In St. Petersburg many people speak English. Moreover, I’ve now learned many Russian words.

It was my dream to stay here

Russia is a place where I wanted to live in very much. When a child I read about Yuri Gagarin and the first space-flight. It was very interesting, that is why I wanted to learn more about Russia – its' people, their lifestyle, and then about Russian researchers and academic opportunities for students. It is well-known that the situation in Iraq is unstable – so I left it and came here. Russia was the best place for me to continue my studying.

After the graduation I plan on getting a PhD degree. If the situation in my country improves I will come back. But if not, I will stay here to provide my research at ITMO University. I also want to share my knowledge with others. So maybe I will become a lecturer. It will be also wonderful if I am hired by a large company. 

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