On March 24, 2014 the Center of the authorized training in IT technologies opens the course «Development of Web Sites».

Registration for a course is already open!

The program is created for those who wants to master the modern technologies of development of Web-sites and learn how to build Web applications.

Training will be conducted in an internal form 4 times a week from 18:30 to 21:50.

Education program will enable participants to:

  • create static HTML- page;
  • create models of Web- Pages Editor Adobe Dreamweaver;
  • create interactive HTML- page (JavaScript);
  • use new tools: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript;
  • create server-side scripts (Web-programming language PHP);
  • master the tools developer of Web-sites;
  • become a competent PC expert, understanding the trends of development of modern Web - technologies;
  • obtain the identity of short-term training.

The course program involves the study of seven core topics:

  • Modern Web - technologies
  • HTML and CSS
  • Work in Adobe Dreamweaver
  • JavaScript
  • HTML 5, CSS3
  • Web programming: PHP
  • Optimization and site hosting

A more detailed course content and prerequisites to the participants

Students are provided with high-quality teaching materials developed by experts at the Center authorized training IT-technologies.

We invite everyone to participate!


Svetlana Komarova

Phone: (812) 3732959 or (812) 3713784
e-mail: info@itcenter-ifmo.ru

You can find additional information here: http://itcenter.ifmo.ru/razrabotka_web_-_saytov_3

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