ITMO University Professor Talks About Israel`s Innovative Development

The International Network for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises – INSMEAcademy organized the session "Innovation, Israel style", the main topic of which was innovative development of Israel. Irina Boyko, the representative of ITMO University, suggests that Russia should use Israel`s experience.

The ”INSME” Association includes 97 innovative companies, consulting agencies and universities from 42 countries. It organizes seminars, workshops and conferences.The INSMEAcademy is a webinar-based training program. Webinars are held every month and open to everybody. The July`s session is devoted to innovative success of Israel. The relator of the webinar is Nava Swersky Sofer, the President and Founding Board Member of International Commercialization Alliance. She noted that market-based limitations are the main reason for the introduction of new technologies.

Irina Boyko, the head of the Chair of World Economy and International Economic Relations participated in this webinar as a Russian delegate of the annual conference “INSME Annual Meeting”.

“Innovative policy always bases on some limitations. Israel, for instance suffers from lack of natural resource like fresh water. Furthermore, some neighboring states conduct an aggressive policy. An active innovative development is Israel`s way of problem solving,” Irina Boyko says.

Mrs. Boyko thinks that some small countries have stronger motivation to innovative development than big countries. Nevertheless Russia can use Israel`s strategy in order to develop Russian economic regions. Each region has its own market-based limitations. That is why it is very important to use crosscutting approach to development of Russian economy. The innovative strategy should be based on the estimation of potential of each region.


Aleksander Pushkash

News portal editorial office

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