International Light Installations Competition "Night of Light in Gatchina"

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In 2017, the focus of the festival "Night of Light in Gatchina" is the idea of travels around the world of night dreams that blends reality, imagination, space and time. Visitors will follow a journey through dreams captured in projection shows, light installations and performances.

The competition takes part in two stages. The first will take place from March 13 to April 13, during which applications will be reviewed and ideals will be selected for the second stage. 

The second stage will take place from April 21 to August 12. 

Participants selected for the second stage will receive an information package to help prepare their projects. The list of finalists will be available on the festival's website.

Participants of the competition must provide drawings of their works depicting original static or dynamic lighting installations, or objects, which will be located in the Gatchina park on the 12th of August 2017.  Lighting installations can be supplied with background music or any interactive part.  The main requirement is as follows: appropriate aesthetic integration of installations in the architectural context and/or  landscape of the Gatchina park.

Applications in English are available on the festival's webpage. 

Applications can be emailed to


State Museum "Gatchina"


Elena Wilde, competition coordinator

+7 (911) 251 10 94