Third Open Competitive Selection of Interdisciplinary Research Projects

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ITMO University is launching the third open competitive selection of creative team projects, involving ITMO University representatives and/or third parties to conduct interdisciplinary research and/or development work. Specialists must be from different scientific fields  in order to participate.

These projects should contribute to the development of interdisciplinary research at ITMO University, to the implementation of advanced technologies at the new soon-to-be built ITMO campus “ITMO Highpark”, and, ultimately, to  the achievement of the objectives defined by the Action Plan (“The Roadmap”) for the Implementation of the Program for Enhancing the Competitiveness of ITMO University among the world's leading scientific and educational centers for 2018 -2020.

The project should be interdisciplinary and include specialists working in at least two of the following areas:

  • photonics, optics, lasers, optical material and technology; 

  • information technology, programming, information and computer networks; 

  • management, robotics, mechatronics, navigation, electrical drive; 

  • biotechnology, food biotechnology, pharmaceuticals; 

  • urbanism, architecture, logistics; 

  • medicine, genetics, life sciences.

It is also possible to involve specialists from other areas as well, not only those mentioned above.

The research team should consist of at least 10 members, including at least two research teams working in different schools at ITMO University or in different research organizations (in different universities).

Applications are accepted until March 9, 2020 (until 10:00). Please submit your application via ITMO Internet portal ISU (subsection “Electronic applications”).

The projects defense will take place from 16 to 20 March 2020.


Russian and international scientists are invited to participate in the contest.


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