ITMO’s Best Graduation Paper Competition

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ITMO University is launching an open call for the university’s annual competition for the best research work among Bachelor’s, Specialist’s, and Master’s students in 2022. The application deadline is June 30

Bachelor’s students who will excel at the competition will receive advantages when applying for financial support from ITMO University for participating in short-term educational events or internships in Russia and abroad, as well as for increased funding in the 2022/23 academic year in the amount of up to 100,000 rubles.

Winners among Specialist’s and Master's students will be granted the maximum score for entrance exams in specialized disciplines when applying for corresponding PhD programs, as decided by the Admissions Committe.

Research advisors whose students will win the competition will also have the right to list this achievement during the evaluation of ITMO's academic staff participating in the contest for vacancy filling.

How to apply

Participants are required to fill out an application form and submit the following documents till June 30 inclusive

  • a participant’s form signed by the supervisor and the student in *.pdf;

  • an abstract of the graduation paper (2-5 pages with at least 70% of originality in the Antiplagiat system) signed by the supervisor and the student and submitted in two formats: *.pdf (with signatures) and *docx (w/o signatures);

The contest is held in three stages: 

  1. department level;

  2. school level;

  3. university level.


The contest is designed for ITMO 2022 graduates (Bachelor’s, Specialist’s, and Master’s).


ITMO University and ITMO’s Center for Student Science, Conferences, and Exhibitions


Mon-Fri 11 am - 5 pm (1-2 pm – break) 


phone: +7 (812)-232-04-64