ITMO.Network Contest


The ITMO.Network contest is held among the international students of ITMO University (Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Foundation Program) through social media and other widely-used means of communication available to students in their home countries.

Contest format

Applicants must submit an essay written in their native language (or the language they use most often on social media).

The essay must include the following:

  • the student’s full name as written in ISU;
  • an active email address;
  • a description of how students in the author’s home country approach choosing a university, as well as author’s own reasons for choosing ITMO;
  • a description of the author’s study experience at ITMO;
  • a description of how the author would present ITMO on social media to make it interesting to their fellow countrymen;
  • links to the author’s social media pages.

Within 7 days after the end of the contest, the committee considers all submitted applications and, based on a collegial decision, determines the winners. Winners and participants are notified of the results of the contest via the email address provided in the essay. Winners must accept or reject the offer of a paid internship at the International Educational Programs Department within three business days.

The internship lasts up to 6 months from the date on which the contract is signed; the salary is 11,500 rubles per month.We look forward to receiving your applications by 11:59 PM (Moscow time, GMT+3), March 14 via the email

NB! Please write "ITMO.Network" in the subject line of your email.


international students of ITMO University


International Educational Programs Department