Technical University of Darmstadt: New Opportunities for International Cooperation

Dr. Hans Jürgen Prömel, president of Technical University of Darmstadt, and Regina Sonntag-Krupp, head of its International Department, visited ITMO University.

Technical University of Darmstadt takes part in TU9, the alliance of leading institutes of Technology in Germany. It focuses on engineering, IT and mechatronics. International partners exchanged achievements of research projects and educational programs. The officials of TU Darmstadt appreciated e-Science Institute project presented by Alexander Boukhanovsky, head of Chair of High Performance Computing and Research Institute of High-Tech Computer Technologies.  This field is developed both by researchers of ITMO University and Technical University of Darmstadt. Moreover partners have one more common feature: they provide a variety of multidisciplinary research projects.

Such leading scientists of ITMO University as Pavel Belov, head of Research Institute of Nano-Photonics and Optical Information Technology, and Artur Gleim, head of Quantum Informatics Lab of the International Institute Photonics and Optical Information Technology, also presented some promising projects provided by these centers.  German experts also visited Business Incubator of ITMO University where its residents shared the main practices and activities initiated by the Incubator.

The meeting resulted in a framework cooperation agreement signed by Vladimir Vasilyev, rector of ITMO University, and Hans Jürgen Prömel. Russian and German universities aim to develop academic mobility projects, as well as joint research programs. 

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