The program included two retreat sessions. First of all student visited an interactive lesson at Museum Complex "The Universe of Water" where they were told about  modern water supply technologies and bioindication systems used in St. Petersburg. To control the quality of water one uses not only chemical analyses, but also crayfish. Experts provide these tests using pulse sensors that determine an animal's state of health.  Apart from water quality indication the students learnt about the structure of sewage system and modern approaches to sewage treatment.

Museum Complex

Then students had a training at the International Advanced Water Technologies Centre where they took part in the interactive session devoted to the optimization of the urban supply system. Working in small groups they developed various water supply systems taking into account different conditions and facilities.

While developing their projects the young urban experts aimed at makng a positive impact on the environment. For instance they designed a new water supply system for a small modern town. The main idea was to produce two types of water: for drinking and for other purposes. According to the project, there is no need to deeply purify the whole amount of water. So as to help save electricity. They offered to provide the final purification step through special devices in houses and other buildings where deeply purified water is required.

the International Advanced Water Technologies Centre

The second training took place at the South-West Water Purification Plant of St. Petersburg. They were shown all details of  the technological process connected with water treating.

According to Irina Shmeleva, associate professor of the Institute of Design & Urban Studies, they are planning to organize one more workshop for students. The experts of the main water services company of the city called SUE «Vodokanal of St. Petersburg» will talk about ways to purify drinking water, and the main way to control the process.

“Free access to drinking water is one of the main elements of a modern city. It is impossible to develop a city and build new districts without knowing the complex structure of such systems as water supply and sewage treatment,” noted Ms. Shmeleva.