Organic Yoghurt  

Ajar Argymbaeva developed a new type of yoghurt based on amaranth flour in which transglutaminase is compounded with gluten.  Transglutaminase is an enzyme with glutinating function.

“Thickening makes yoghurt lose its plasma proteins that are very bioavailable. We applyed the technology, which was widely used in meat and dairy industry. Using this enzyme we protect the yoghurt from losing plasma proteins. Having made a variety of laboratory experiments we developed the ideal proportions of transglutaminase and flour. It resulted in preservative-free, organic yoghurt, which is very tasty and nutritious,” noted Ms. Argymbaeva.

This product is free from sugar but has such organic component as honey or strawberry. Thus it is appropriate for people with sweet tooth and those who keep one`s figure. Ajar Argymbaeva has been providing her research under the leadership of Alexander Shleikin, head of Chair of Chemistry and Molecular Biology, for a year. She also presented her development at an international conference in Latvia.   


Functional Fermented Milk Drink

Functional food making is one of the most promising activities provided by the Chair of Chemistry and Molecular Biology of ITMO University. Thus Irina Skobeleva shared a functional fermented milk drink based on probiotics. Probiotic components are microorganisms that affect intestinal tract`s flora favorably. These components have been never used in dairy industry before. They protect meat from spoiling that is why are widely used in meat industry. Thanks to the unique proportion of ingredients this milk drink preserves itself.

“Currently there are more and more highly allergic individuals. Every other city`s dweller suffers from tract flora disorder. That is why using biotechnologies as well eating the right food are very important for us nowadays. Firstly, the functional milk drink contains probiotics that provide flora`s rebalancing. Secondly, it includes cowberry, which has lots of vitamins and serves as antioxidant. When a Bachelor student I started researching it under the guidance of academic advisor Ludmila Krasnikova,” said Skobeleva.


Antioxidants for Youth and Health

Aliya Arykbaeva took part in a poster presentation where shared her paper. Ms. Arykbaeva researched thiol compounds` concentration in different types of baker's yeast. Glutathione is one of thiol compounds, which serves as the main antioxidant and the key element of human immune system preventing natural ageing.

Yeast peculiarities` research shows that it is possible to implement the antioxidant into food or turn into a functional dry mix. Onion and garlic contains this important element but it is impossible to eat them much. That is why a glutathione-based yoghurt can become very popular.

Aliya Arykbaeva provides her research under the leadership of Natalia Skvortsova, associate professor of the Chair of Chemistry and Molecular Biology. Having presented her project at an inter-university conference in St. Petersburg she placed 2nd

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