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  • Newswise

    A project by Russian scientists to help create capsules for targeted drug delivery

    Scientists from ITMO University and MIPT have studied the formation and growth of crystals from simple organic molecules into large associations. These experiments will help create capsules for targeted drug delivery to specific tissues in the human body. 


    Technology to detect chemicals in fruit and vegetables

    An ITMO PhD student and her colleagues from Russia, Spain and Singapore have developed flexible sensing films based on silver nanoparticles that can be used to identify the presence of pesticide residue on the surface of agricultural produce in minutes. The research results were published in Nanoscale.

  • Technology Org

    Russian Scientists Develop Invisible Anti-Counterfeit Labels

    Specialists from ITMO University and St. Petersburg Academic University have developed a new type of invisible anti-counterfeiting labels unrivaled in their properties. The labels can only be detected using special equipment.


    Chemists develop unique method for production of hollow nanoparticles from liquid metal

    Scientists from ITMO University have created an accessible method for the production of hollow nanoparticles with predetermined properties using liquid metals. This method can be applied in biomedicine and petrochemistry. An article on the subject was published in Chemistry of Materials.

  • PhysOrg

    Researchers discover affordable method for production of transparent solar cells

    Physicists from ITMO University have come up with an accessible solution that makes it possible to create transparent organic solar cells while preserving their efficiency. In order to do so, the researchers used nanotubes alloyed with ion liquids. An article about this technology was published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.

  • Mail Online

    Africa's fairy circle mystery is finally SOLVED: Strange patches in the grassy desert of Namibia are caused by the same toxic saps used in poison arrows

    Scientists have solved the mystery of the so-called “fairy circles” in Africa. These are bare patches in the ground that are found in arid grasslands. Hundreds of thousands of circles can be seen in the south of Angola and north of South Africa. They range in diameter from two to fifteen meters, according to BMC Ecology.

  • IndiaEducationDiary

    ITMO: Researchers Create Algorithm For Predicting Vocational Interests

    Scientists and students from ITMO University have created an algorithm to help predict professional interests. Their software takes into consideration the subject’s gender, location, religious beliefs, parents’ level of education, and many other factors. Then, it makes conclusions about the subject’s vocational interests. A paper on this research was presented at the international conference CCRIS 2020.

  • EurekAlert

    Physicists have developed new material for water desalination

    Scientists have confirmed that titanium dioxide nanoparticles decorated with gold can absorb about 96% of the solar spectrum and turn it into heat.


    Physicists discover new physical effect

    Scientists from ITMO University have proved that neutrally-charged particles – excitons – placed within a semiconductor to which a magnetic field is applied perpendicularly exhibit behavior identical to that of electrons subject to the Hall effect. The results of this research will make it easier to study such states of matter like Bose-Einstein condensate. The article was published in Physical Review Letters.

  • Florida News Times

    Physicists build their own antennas to improve the quality and safety of MRI

    ITMO physicists together with their colleagues at the M-Cube international project have developed the world’s first leaky-wave antenna for MRI. This will help conduct diagnostics of internal organs safely while producing higher-quality images.