According to organizers, the educational research center titled “ITMO University – EMC” aims to develop joint IT projects and set new applied disciplines based on up-to-date software programs. The center will involve academic, student and business communities in its` activities. To train EMS-oriented experts and upgrade their vocational qualification organizers initiated a coworking space as well as tutorial projects, internships, workshops and lectures by skilled experts.

“Organizing this center we follow our main principle “It`s more than a university.” We aspire to vary academic activities in order to assist both employers to hire specialists who cover their requirements, and students to put their knowledge to use. Our partners help us to accomplish it. We will attract not only skilled researchers to share their experience, but also promising students. A combination of fundamental theory and fresh ideas as well as theorists and practitioners` activities contribute to breakthrough technology development,” noted Mr. Vasilyev.

ITMO University has been collaborating with EMC for eight years. University`s officials signed a memorandum with the Corporation in 2012. Bach then parties negotiated to train highly skilled specialists, support gifted students, provide joint research projects and assist IT business.

“We develop partnership relations organizing more and more joint projects. ITMO University made a well-timed step initiating this center,” said Vyachslav Nesterov, CEO of EMS development center of St. Petersburg.

Artur Ahmedov

News portal editorial office