According to Alexandra Borisova, “Cherdack” project`s head, this idea was initiated by science journalists who decided to put new life into the news about scientific achievements made by Russian researchers in 2015.

“We came to the point that research projects that affected our lives and facilitate progress were worthy of being presented not only textually, but also visually. It gives an opportunity to share this piece of art with those who are not interested in science. Furthermore Science Art approach perfectly correlates with science-popular content,” noted Ms. Borisova.

ITMO University Researchers Developed the Coating for Vascular Grafts Dissolving Clots

Developing her projects Ms. Gi also payed attention to a development of ITMO University researchers. The scientists of International Laboratory “Solution Chemistry of Advanced Materials and Technologies” developed a coating for vascular grafts, which dissolved clots. The artist also painted a robotic cockroach developed by Kaliningrad inventors and anomalies on Mars observed by a neutron telescope made by Russian physicists. The most colorful discovery was also painted by Aisha Gi: in 2015 northern lights were discovered out of the Solar System.

The organizers underlined that Russian scientists did much more breakthroughs in 2015 than were presented at the exhibition. However this event was devoted to the most relevant and well-known projects among a wide audience. These 24 achievements were not peer-reviewed; they were selected by science journalists but at the same time appreciated by competent experts in various fields. When the event will have been closed the organizers award inventors with pictures representing their scientific achievements.