The first day of the celebrations included an International Forum for Rectors of Leading Universities around the world where questions about internationalization and training talented youth were discussed. The Rectors for National Taiwan University, National Taiwan Normal University and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology participated in the forum. They presented a new system for joint development of the universities, known as the “United Three Universities” which enables students from all three universities to use text books, libraries, sport halls and social services of the Taiwanese universities. All of this will ensure faster integration of Taiwanese higher education and effective advancement in the international arena. Joint efforts have already been carried out by a number of student recruiting companies in South-East Asia. Taiwan is becoming a popular destination for students from around South-East Asia. Vladimir Vasilyev, Rector at ITMO University, was invited as a guest speaker at the forum where he presented about ITMO University's system for selecting talented young people. Representatives from University of Otago (New Zealand) and Beijing Normal University also participated in the forum. According to the Vice Rector of International Relations at Taiwan Normal University, the universities were carefully selected, ITMO University represented Europe, University of Otago represented the Pacific, Canada and the Americas, and Beijing Normal University represented Asia.

The second day was dedicated to the celebration of the 70th anniversary of Taiwan Normal University, which was attended by over 300 people. Among the honored guests were the Nobel prize for Literature (a Professor of Taiwan Normal University), Minister of Education, Minister of Science and Technology of Taiwan, rectors from more than ten universities from different countries. Outstanding graduates were invited, many of which achieved great success in various fields.

According to the rector, Vladimir Vasilyev, this visit contributed to the promotion and strengthening of ITMO University’s position in the Pacific region. This year the University signed an agreement with the Taiwan Normal University for student academic exchange. Thanks to the creation of the “United Three Universities”, ITMO University will be able to send and receive exchange students from all three universities, which will significantly expand the potential for further collaboration.

The Rector also visited the city of Jining (China), where he held talks with the city’s administration, which is extremely interested in cooperation with municipal organizations of St. Petersburg in the sphere of education, science and innovation.

"This region is of particular interest for ITMO University, because at this time, Shandong province is ahead of other provinces of China in the number of students studying the Russian language. It should be noted that from last year, Russian language was officially included in the list of disciplines for high school state final exams in China," – says Irina Kim, the Director of the Center for Asian Cooperation, who accompanied Vladimir Vasilyev on the trip.