Vladimir Vasilyev and Alexander Dyuzhinov discussed cooperation in the field of innovation development and R&D connected with electrical energy industry and education. It is also planned to train student who will work at the Center as experts and researchers.

Mr. Vasilyev supposes that it is very important for ITMO U to participate in a state-support project focusing on development of the Center.

“Currently human resources are the most valuable. Contributing to intellectual activity, creating and implementing of innovations, training new specialists – all this ideas supported by Federal Testing Center correlate with the mission of our university. Thanks to such projects students receive experience while studying and employers needn`t to organize additional trainings for their staff members,” said the Rector.

Mr. Dyuzhinov underlined that the Center provides various activities connected with R&D and innovations. All of them are impossible to be fulfilled without assistance of top universities and research centers.

“Together with ITMO U we are going to develop innovative high-tech facilities and contribute to energy industry,” said Mr. Dyuzhinov.

The partners also came to agreement that ITMO U will take part in expert evaluations at the Center as well as in preparing seminars, exhibitions, testing methods and projects.