President Vladimir Putin underlined that after the 2008-2009 economic crisis Russian and global economies have not been restored yet. There are still some structural problems to be solved. The most developed countries are going to use digital technologies, power industry, robotics, biotechnologies, medicine and other high-tech industries as potential resources for economic growth. Scientific discoveries in these fields provoke modifications of industries and changes of employment markets. A wide range of widespread economic and technological problems leads to integration of various forces. The cooperation of different countries, institutions and communities can be successful only on condition of openness. It means that this is not the time to organize monopolies and restrain proliferation of cutting-edge technologies.

The President also called upon all guests of SPIER-2016 to initiate the cooperation in such fields as economy and science. It was discussed many times at SPIER`s sessions that these fields cannot be separate from each other. Experts constantly note the necessity of making more contacts between enterprises and creators of innovations. Mr. Putin also commented on this issue. According to the President, in 2019 the Government will oblige large enterprises to use modern technologies that meet world ecological requirements. According to Vladimir Putin, these legislative measures will contribute to industrial modernization. The President of Russia also mentioned several promising market areas like high-tech startups that are implemented through small and medium enterprises.

Furthermore, Mr. Putin underlined that the strategy of high-tech economy of the future should be based on road maps developed by National Technology Initiative. He urged the Government of the Russian Federation to eliminate administrative barriers that hamper development of the Initiative as well as invest to long-term projects covered by this institution. Moreover, Agency for Technological Development, established in May, 2016, is one more driver for enhancement of high-tech industry and integration of research communities from all over the world.

Speaking of the support, which is necessary for small and medium-sized business, the President talked about online services that were developed to assist businessmen to promote their projects and make new ones in the whole Russia. This trend was also supported by ITMO U`s experts who developed Online Service Guide for Small Business Companies.

Technologies are always created by people. That is why one has to pay attention to facilities that help them to train new abilities and open talents. All these elements are impossible without education.

“Education is the most important activity, which has to be supported by the Government nowadays. Currently more and more young people are interested in engineering occupations and natural sciences. Russia is among leaders in training engineers. We increase quality of educational programs, assist in making contacts between colleges and economic area. Consequently, more and more young specialists are in demand. Moreover, in alliance with representatives of higher education we modify programs of high school and undergraduate courses,” mentioned Vladimir Putin.