In fact, it is quite possible to graduate from a well-known university without attending completely, and it is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

Head of Chair of Computer Engineering and Design, Dmitry Shuklin, says that for those Master’s Students who are specializing in “Web-technologies” and “Computer graphics and web-design” it is possible to communicate with professors over the Internet. Attendance is necessary only when presenting the final thesis.

This way of studying avoids some of the disadvantages inherent in full-time study. Additionally, it makes it possible to adjust the educational process according to student’s personal needs.

“It is extremely important to realize that distance learning at our Chair is based on communication between the student and professor. At the beginning of each semester, every student gets access to their courses and then is able to plan his schedule based on certain deadlines. Each stage of the process involves close accompaniment by professors. Organizing it in this way is very suitable for those people who are not able to move to Saint Petersburg. Of course, distance learning also has its disadvantages. One of them being the absence of a full student life at ITMO University,” explains Mr. Shuklin.

Research work and field experience are based on the same principles as full-time study. Professors perform the work of tutors and adjust the educational process in accordance with the student’s level of training and his personal abilities.

Each semester Master’s students publish articles or papers in conference proceedings. Some of them even publish theses based on their own professional work.

Dmitry Shuklin explains that “usually students choose subjects within a month or two after the start of their studies. We don’t try to impose our own ideas on them and always take into account the interests of each student”.

All the study materials are available on the online system developed by the Chair of Computer Engineering and Design. Not only Master Students from distance learning are able to use these materials. Full-time students can do it as well. Video-files with master classes held by invited professionals are placed in the system too.

Chair specialists decided to avoid using webinars as a tool for studying because it requires student’s attendance in front of the screen at an appointed time.

Dmitry Shuklin describes how ITMO University helps graduates with employment. In addition to getting their diploma they have an opportunity to take part in an internship at certain companies collaborating with the Chair. It could be LenSpecSMU, NCC or Geopribori. Furthermore graduates have access to career vacancies set up by the HR Department at ITMO University.

In the 2017-2018 academic year, the Chair of Computer Engineering and Design and Autodesk, Inc. will launch another distance learning program for Master’s students. It will be dedicated to PLM- and BIM-technologies using life cycle information modeling in technical and construction spheres.

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