According to Alexander Efremov, Master's student at Chair of Secure Information Technologies and head of the project, the experts will introduce two devices into the market– a smart feeder and a smart collar. The feeder gives food and water automatically and is equipped with built-in scales. The collar takes the pulse rate and temperature as well as counts the pet’s steps. Moreover it is possible to add a GPS option so as to find your pet if it gets lost. An owner can check its eating schedule, weight changes and look at other results using a mobile application, which presents the information as infographics. It will also have a signal if something goes wrong with the health of your pet.

These devices can be used at apartments, animal care and fitness centers. However they are not appropriate for open spaces. It is not advisable to use it in villages because it is difficult for a pet to find all devices on a big territory. The system will cost about 5,000-6,000 rub.

Before the system goes on the market in Russia and abroad the engineers plan to develop the final version of the prototype. Other smart collars also have test versions only. That is why the St. Petersburg team has a chance to become the first in the animal service market. Moreover the advantage of this system is its extra options such as weight calculator and water supplier.