Some of the students cycled from the farther northern and southern districts, like Lomonosov or Murino. Following the tradition of the Bike Ride students and staff members did several rounds of the largest St. Petersburg’s parks.

«I've already cycled for about an hour and a half this morning,» said Vladimir Vasilyev. «This activity also aims to support sport traditions of our university and promote a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, the bike ride gives the university’s administration yet another opportunity to have an informal meeting with students. It makes our university family much stronger.»

The idea of the event occurred to the Rector several years ago. It's no secret that Vladimir Vasilyev cycles around the park on Elagin Island almost every morning — according to him, it helps him feel good and concentrate on his daily work. Two years ago, the leaders of the Student Sport Club «Kron Bars» suggested that he have students join him, and he agreed. Since then, this small group consisting of ITMO's Rector, staff and students gather twice a year — in spring and autumn.

By riding across the park the bike team demonstrated the importance of eco-friendly urban transport. This goal correlates with the purpose of the «Cycling to Work» initiative, which has already covered the whole of Russia.

The participants came by bikes, skateboards, kick and gyro scooters. Snow Leopard, the sport mascot of ITMO University club, used a segway! The rowing team of the University used their boats to take part in the ride — they moved near bikers using the Neva River as a road.

«It's the first time we've also included water transport in the event. Now, after today's ride, we're also thinking about air, as well — we can have quadcopters accompany us. It' more of a joke, really, but who knows?», — shared Evgenii Raskin, «Kron Bars» chairman.

The «Kron Bars» Sports Club often organizes different sports events for students and St. Petersburg residents — for instance, an open GTO festival or the Russia-wide tournament «St. Petersburg Games». Also, «Kron Bars» launched the «Open Sport» projects which promotes a healthy lifestyle and supports student sport clubs and other similar initiatives.